Michael Borgmann

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Hi I'm Michael

I am from Berlin but live in beautiful Portugal.

I make music and play multiple instruments.

I also record music.

I read a lot and sometimes write, too.

I have a passion for movies and documentaries and I am a wannabe filmmaker -- it's cool.

I also do some graphics design, just to mention it.

I enjoy travelling and meeting nice people at beautiful places.

I learn languages to meet more nice people at even more beautiful places.

I am a vegetarian because animals are my friends.

I support sustainable ideas and buy organic.

I love planet earth and all nice beings down here.

I am a fan of Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks -- Free Julian Assange!

I am into computer and technologies. It's my job and my passion.

I am into coding, design, and entrepreneurship.

I create apps, websites, frontends and backends.

I am an Apple but respect other platforms.

I am the founder of App 'n Dev.

I am working on projects to disrupt and make this world a better place.

I have a more detailed résumé if you are into that sort of things.

IT Freelancer for Hire

I am a technology enthusiast, and always want to know how things work. As a programmer, I live this passion out and are always looking for like-minded people to face challenges, tackle problems, and make this world a little better.

I'm a an all-round coder by heart, turning my passion into a job. I consider myself as fullstack app'n'web developer with decent design and online marketing skills. Currently, I specialize on Apple platforms with a strong focus on iOS coding in Swift. Mobility is a lifestyle to me, and mobile technologies offer powerful tools to simplify this way of living. I take thinking outside the box for granted, and therefore follow other technologies and trends as well. I power mobile apps with custom web solutions using the MEAN stack.

In 2017 I started App 'n Dev as platform for me and my network of professional friends, offering IT services, individually or as team.

Feel free to contact me for a business relation or to hire me. Find out more at my CV and portfolio. Connect and follow me on LinkedIn and Xing.

Michael Borgmann

40 years

Qualified IT Specialist focus Application Development

Berlin / Germany

Online Marketing

Easy Living

I am lucky having turned my passion into a job, but there is always more and can be better...

I am in the process of producing content to share.

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